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Prepare to Launch!

Happy Monday!

Welcome to Launchpad, a design and marketing blog by Highsky Creative.

What’s Launchpad, anyway?

The Launchpad is the spot where a rocket launches, shooting to incredible heights. That’s what we do at Highsky. Difference is, we launch businesses instead of rockets.

Launchpad will be a 60-second coffee break read where we will explore marketing strategies, design case studies, and share our favorite business books.

Who are we?

Benzion Roth, design and layout whiz, founded Highsky in 2016 with the goal of creating a bespoke agency that fuses result-driven design with personal service.

Chanie Brod, brand strategist and creative director, studied business and linguistics at university in London. Chanie has a decade of experience in brand development from naming to logo design to packaging. She has developed visual identities for many startups in the business-to-consumer space and helped rebrand existing businesses.

Together with the rest of the Highsky team, we handle the marketing, leaving you free to grow your business.

What’s our Strategy?

"Creativity without strategy is called art, creativity with strategy is called advertising." — Jef L. Richards

Have you ever seen an ad that looked great, but you have no idea what they’re actually selling and whether it has any relevance to you? And then you flipped the page and there was an ad that looked hideous but you placed an order anyway because it was what you needed?

We’re a strategy-first design agency. Every project begins with a deep-dive into the company. Who are they? What do they do? What makes them unique? Who is their audience? Is there a potential customer base that they are overlooking? How do we tell their story, and how do we make them relevant to their audience?

And what’s our Secret?

It’s pretty simple. We believe in our clients.

We don’t work with just anybody. We only invest our time in clients that believe in their product or service, and can convince us to believe in them too.

Whether it’s a food product, furniture item, or window service, we work with clients that we believe will get a return on their investment.

Want to work together? Schedule a time to speak or drop us a line!

Finally... Monday's Marketing Meditation:

Take 60 seconds and think about one imaginary member of your intended audience. Age? Gender? Interests? Most importantly, what problem do they have and how is your product or service solving it?

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