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Can branding cripple your business?

Would you rock up to your friend’s wedding in a pair of jeans and sneakers?

What about a sharply tailored suit? Would you wear that to play basketball in the park?

You may love the New York Knicks. But wearing their jersey to a Yeshiva fundraiser gala?

Chances are, neither of those wardrobe choices would make the best first impression. There’s nothing wrong with a suit, nothing wrong with the Knicks (well, depends who you ask!) and there’s nothing wrong with jeans. But context is everything. Some occasions call for formal attire, some for casual. Know what to wear, and when.

Your branding is the wardrobe of your business. It tells the story of who you are. Are you a suit-wearing corporate business or a friendly and approachable small business? Casual or Formal? Servicing males or females? Are you geared towards children or adults? Are you geared towards children or adults? Trendy? Traditional? Are you a startup in a basement or an established franchise? Do you prioritize customer service? Quantity? Quality?

Here’s a secret: Sometimes the wrong logo can cripple your business. It can misrepresent your product, your service. It can undermine your professionalism, making people expect a lower standard of service. It can alienate potential customers.

Need branding? Not sure if your current brand identity fits your business?

Reach out for a free 15-minute consultation!

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