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They buy it for the packaging.

A product's packaging provides the first impression of the product to the consumer.  Before they even try it, the packaging sets the expectations. Here are some delicious food products that we designed.


Crust & Crumb

Artisanal Bakehouse

Business naming and logo design for an artisanal sourdough bakehouse. Both the crust and the crumb are key elements in sourdough as I'm discovering, and the alliteration makes it the perfect name.

For the visual identity, we went for a hand drawn and rustic vibe in line with the nature of the product. The color palette is a tribute to the flour and wheat, and the amperstand merges into a stalk of wheat.

Chosen Bean

Coffee packaging

During this branding and packaging makeover, we created sophisticated, minimalist packaging. We retained the original Moses figure by recreating him out of coffee beans and printing it as a spot UV layer on the coffee bags.

shefa dips mockup full.jpg


Highsky developed the packaging for their range of refrigerated products ranging from dips to blintezes


A healthy chip company

From product naming to logo to packaging, we handled the product from A-Z. 

Need a product named? Packaging designed? Product launched? schedule a free 15 minute consultation!

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