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Quick quiz: what are the main components of branding a business?

Did I hear “product, name, logo, slogan, brand identity”? Sounds like someone’s been reading an educational marketing blog!

A slogan is a powerful tool to blast your brand’s message out into the stratospher...

Today we're shmoozing up the next big trend in print advertising. And by big, we mean...

This week we’re shifting gears to discuss a timely topic.

So. Yom tov is over, and the year is finally taking off. Consumers and businesses alike are beginning to face the decisions they’ve put off until now. Decisions like what products to buy, which services to choose...

Thought about what to name your company? Good. You didn’t, or your company already has a name? Also good. Need some help with the naming part? Great! Speak to us after class.

But either way, hold onto your seat, because we’re zooming right into our next topic....


Naming your business? What a moment! Your story is just beginning. Think of all the places you’ll go! The endless possibilities! So exciting!

It’s great!

Now you have to corral all that potential into JUST. ONE. NAME.

So let’s help you get started.

     1. Chara...

Mazel tov! It’s a...business! But what should you call it?

We know you’ve been holding your breath for the branding recipe we promised, so we won’t keep you in any suspense any longer.

Last time, we introduced a Fancy Marketing Term: brand equity. Put simply, brand equity is the value of a brand.

Equity, shmequity. Who cares?

You should care! Here, I’ll give you a case in point.

Do you have a headache? Imagine yourself at the pharmacy, studying the pai...

In the old days, branding was for cowboys.

They’d use a red-hot rod to tattoo the ranch’s mark on their cattle, avoiding mixups and those no-good cattle rustlers.

Nowadays, you don’t have to chase cows with an iron to brand your company. The term has evolved beyond the...

Here are some tips from the experts to make your vehicle wrap go BOOM

(But not the vehicle itself. That shouldn't go BOOM. That would be bad.)

1. Branding is #1

Want a smashing vehicle wrap? You need smashing company branding.

It’s the focal point of your wrap. You want p...

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December 26, 2017

September 26, 2017

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