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Corporate Brochure

Spices. The pungent, aromatic bounty we all enjoy.

Prima spices are well known for their flavor and purity in the local market. With their corporate brochure, Prima sought to bring the message of Prima perfection to new pastures.

A lot of research went into this brochure, culminating in a smooth, polished piece that engages and then educates the potential buyer, bringing home the Prima difference.

We sought out and interviewed consumers, acquiring unprompted, glowing testimonials about the product. The company owners were thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response. These testimonials were ultimately published on the Prima Spices website.

Prima Spices brochure,  HighSky Creative
Prima Spices brochure,  HighSky Creative

The design: lifestyle photos, sweeping, larger-than-life origin shots, open, clean layout and headlines that speak loud and clear.

Prima Spices brochure,  HighSky Creative
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