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Even the most difficult of children possesses infinite potential. That's the approach of Rabbi Yitzchok Greenfeld, an educational expert recently arrived in the U.S. The advertisements that we prepared for him embraced this philosophy.

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At Their Wits’ End

Shimmy Klein’s* mother hung up the phone, pale. “The principal says we have to take him to a psychiatrist,” she told her husband. Shimmy had been going downhill for some time, and the school was getting impatient. There was no other choice. The Kleins complied.

The psychiatrist slapped an array of labels on the boy, as if on a container of yesterday’s leftovers. Shimmy was put on meds, and everyone held their breath and hoped for the best. But a year later, they were still at square one. No progress whatsoever had been made, and poor Shimmy felt like even more of a loser.

A friend told Shimmy’s parents about Rabbi Greenfeld. “They say he’s helped so many kids. Try it—what have you got to lose?” With Shimmy’s entire future at stake, they set up a meeting.

Rabbi Greenfeld assessed the situation with compassion, and gave the Kleins some key advice and an action plan. A week later, as this very magazine issue was going to print, Mrs. Klein called Rabbi Greenfeld in shock.

“The teacher told me he’s completely transformed!” she said. “I don’t know how to thank you!” There is still much to be done, but Shimmy is on the right track at last.

Rabbi Greenfeld is an educational consultant with many years of experience helping children and getting to the root of their issues. “Every child talks to us with his behavior,” he says. “It's up to us to interpret the language. There are children who truly need medications and professional intervention. But many are tragically over-labelled, and it ruins their self-esteem, causing a further downward spiral.”

There is a better way. No child or parent should have to suffer the paralyzing feeling of failure.

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*names and details have been changed

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