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Print Advertising Trends, Part II

Hi there! Great to see you again.

We're enjoying sharing our marketing knowledge with you. No, really! It's a nice feeling. :-)

Today we're shmoozing up the next big trend in print advertising. And by big, we mean...

Red 3D BIG

As in, double the size of a normal ad. As in, 2-page spread ads, which are all the rage lately.

And why shouldn't they be?

No one wants to be that attention hog, but let's face it. In today's overcrowded world, attention is necessary to drive sales to your door.

Look at me! Look at me now!

According to studies, the average reader only looks at a page for 2 seconds before moving on. But the larger the ad, the longer they spend. A two page spread shouts "look at me!" Once you have customers looking, they can consider the value of your message.

Of course, you don't really need a spread to do this.

The right concept, ad design, and copywriting can grab eyeballs in a single or even half-page ad. But if you want an easy (though not cheap!) way to ensure attention, this is it. A big, juicy piece of bait.

Will the fish bite?

That's the next question, and it depends on your message. All the spreads in the world won't save a ho-hum message or lousy, unprofessional, cluttered design.

Example, please.

Here’s a spread we designed.

We don't like to brag, but it was the talk of the client's town.
Enjoy a motivational quote brought to you from our Instagram page.
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Did you enjoy this marketing tidbit?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Curious about ad placement? Packaging design? We plan to cover those topics and more. And we love suggestions! So don't be shy, email us at goals@highskycreative.com or leave a comment.

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