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Print Advertising Trends, Part I

This week we’re shifting gears to discuss a timely topic.

So. Yom tov is over, and the year is finally taking off. Consumers and businesses alike are beginning to face the decisions they’ve put off until now. Decisions like what products to buy, which services to choose...what to do with their kids on those endless Sundays.

It’s a golden moment to reach potential clients while they're searching, which is why many companies buckle down on their advertising needs now.

Make no mistake—advertising is a HUUUUGE topic.

There's so much we plan to cover in future issues! We want to de-complicate things like placement, target audience, print versus web, advertising strategies, and many others.

But today we’re talking trends. Specifically, trends we've been noticing in print/publication advertising.

We’ll give you the lowdown and the lingo, as usual, so you can sound intelligent (as usual.)


You know what teasers are. You’ll see a mysterious full-page ad that says simply “coming soon…” or “get ready for it, New York!” You have no idea what it’s talking about. Slightly maddening, but also brilliant because it gets people curious. And curiosity is a strong motivator.

You spend the week wondering...?

(Okay, maybe not. You do have a life, after all.) And next week there's a spanking new ad for a sale, food product, medical center or jewelry store, like you’ve seen a million times before.

But you were engaged in the riddle, and that’s the marketing behind teasers. They get you interested in an advertisement you may not otherwise have cared about.

Man wondering

Sometimes the explanatory ad runs the same week as the teaser. So you’re engaging with the riddle as you turn the pages, and getting the answer on the next page. With this approach, the riddle has a shorter duration, but the upside is that you remember it better.

Many businesses do both, placing the teaser for a few weeks, and finally placing the main ad, with the teaser on the page before.

Of course, whatever the approach, the ads themselves need to earn attention by being well executed.

Looks like we’ve run out of space.

Not to tease or anything, but we’ll have to discuss the second trend in our next segment. Coming soon! ;)

Did you enjoy this marketing tidbit?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Curious about ad placement? Packaging design? We plan to cover those topics and more. And we love suggestions! So don't be shy, email us at goals@highskycreative.com or leave a comment.

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