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Branding Pie: the Simple Recipe to Brand Your Business

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Last time, we discussed brand equity, that intangible, yet oh-so-essential, business asset. We know you’ve been holding your breath for the branding recipe we promised, so we won’t keep you in any suspense any longer.

What are the most basic ingredients to start building a brand?

Branding recipe design
1. A good product!

Surprised it's on the list? Don't be. This is the starting point. You can market all you want, but if the product isn't good, people will catch on to that fact eventually.

2. Company name.

Something catchy, like “John Smith’s Clothing Store”. Hey, just making sure you’re still paying attention.

3. Logo.

Your logo is one of the most important pieces of your branding, so make sure it's designed right.

4. Slogan.

This can sum up your company's approach.

5. Brand identity.

You could say this is the style of the brand, represented by creative elements like writing, colors, and graphics. Your name, logo and slogan should reflect this identity, and it should ideally come across in every aspect of your brand’s communication.

We’ll go through each of these components more extensively in future articles.

There are many other items

we might throw into the mix, like positioning, promise, brand personality, message, culture, image…and we could go on and on. But these five are the basic starting points. Good branding is generally simple and intuitive, and doesn't need hundreds of extra components in order to work.

Basically, to get people talking about your brand, it needs to be a strong, memorable, recognizable entity. An entity to which consumers can attach value.

What are some things you can do to build your brand equity this week?

Next up:

Down to details

Did you enjoy this marketing tidbit?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Curious about logos? Ad placement? We plan to cover those topics and more. And we love suggestions! So don't be shy, email us at goals@highskycreative.com or leave a comment.

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