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On Cows and Branding

What is branding?

In the old days, branding was for cowboys.

They’d use a red-hot rod to tattoo the ranch’s mark on their cattle, avoiding mixups and those no-good cattle rustlers.

Nowadays, you don’t have to chase cows with an iron to brand your company. The term has evolved beyond the ranch, becoming a huge buzzword for businesses.

Cowboy chasing profit

Your brand is your identity.

When you describe a person, you might say they have blue eyes and brown hair, that they are interesting, funny, or serious. There’s a picture in your mind. You pull it up whenever you hear about them.

Coca Cola branding: open happiness

It’s the same with branding. It's that abstract style, or voice, we equate with each company.

When we hear Coca Cola we may think: red, white, friendship, refreshing, happiness. Nike evokes the color orange, speed, “just do it!”

We know who these companies are and what they stand for.

For example...

If you had a choice between a pair of Unionbay or Nike sneakers, both at an identical quality and price, which would you choose?

brand box

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“What’s Unionbay?”

And that’s exactly my point. Nike has what’s called “brand equity”, while Unionbay, a company unfamiliar to most of us, doesn’t.

Next up:

Brand equity? Tell me more, please.

Did you enjoy this marketing tidbit?

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