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People are bored on the highway.

You know the drill.

Traffic crawling. Kids bickering in the back.

Blood pressure rising, and headache coming on.


"Hey, guys! Look at that cool truck with the giant puppy!"

And suddenly they're all noses-glued-to-the-window, blessedly calm (for the moment, at least.)

Fact is, there's no more captive audience than folks on the road.

They're not changing the channel or turning the page. They have nothing to look at besides the back of your van, logo prominently visible through their windshield.

Who knows? By the time they get off the highway, they might even have your phone number memorized, or at least your website.

Pedestrians, too.

They're not reading, or watching, or working (hopefully, right?) They're just walking down the street. Your artfully wrapped vehicle is their entertainment.

They'll start recognizing your company

...even if they never see a single one of your brilliantly orchestrated print ads. And they'll form an opinion of your brand based on what they see.

So make it something good!

Next up:

Okay, okay! So what SHOULD I put on my truck (or cute little delivery car?)

Did you enjoy this marketing tidbit?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Curious about logos? Branding? Ad placement? We plan to cover those topics and more. And we love suggestions! So don't be shy, email us at goals@highskycreative.com or leave a comment.

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