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Say that again?! 30,000?! THIRTY THOUSAND?

Some jaw-dropping figures

We'll just give it to you straight. Each vehicle on which you place your graphics can potentially be seen by between THIRTY and SEVENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE (30,000-70,000) in a day. In a DAY. This is from a study done by The American Trucking Association.

Don't pick up your jaw just yet Because here come some more crazy numbers.

75% of people said their opinion of a company was influenced by its vehicle. And a whopping 98% say vehicle graphics give a positive impression of the brand. If you prefer your statistics in snazzy chart form, here ya go:

So all around, that's some pretty impressive bang for your buck.

Next up: What is CPM?

Chasing Pink Monkey? Catch Plenty Marbles? I give up. Guess we'll have to wait till next time...

Did you enjoy this marketing tidbit?

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