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Smart Companies Know this Publicity Secret

In a word (okay, two) this surprising secret weapon is...vehicle wraps.

What's a "vehicle wrap"? Basically, it means graphics custom designed for your vehicle, printed on special adhesive vinyl, and professionally applied.

Why are vehicle wraps such great marketing tools?

For starters, they have incredible visibility. Imagine a giant billboard advertising your company all over town! Every traffic jam becomes an opportunity, every delivery makes a statement.

Advertising cost: FREE

Unlike billboards, truck advertising costs you absolutely NOTHING. Aside from one-time design and printing costs, you're not paying a red cent for advertising!

If you already own a vehicle, why not let it bring you more business?

And a quality wrap can last for years.

The standard wrap is usually good for around five years. We could have another president by then.

That's a wrap.

Want to know facts and figures? In our next segment, we'll reveal some interesting statistics about vehicle advertising.

Later, gator...

Did you enjoy this marketing tidbit?

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